🌎Market Opportunity

Logarithmic scale analysis of the entire bitcoin and crypto market, based on data from the past decade, point to the potential for the sum of all digital assets to reach a valuation of $11 trillion by 2023.

– bitcoinist.com

Projections show that the crypto market will grow by over 10x in just the next 12-24 months. Multi-chain strategies have already gained significant momentum and have become the norm for teams launching dApps today. Over 70% of the Top 20 coins today are networks with either a Layer 2 EVM compatible chain, or a Layer 1 network with a non-EVM compatible chain.

Ferrum intends to bring the power and benefits of Polkadot and its cousin Kusama to the rest of the world. Polkadot has proven the importance and demand of their core HETEROGENEOUS MULTI-CHAIN FRAMEWORK with incredible adoption and a fast-growing market cap that has surpassed $7.5 Billion and is in the Top 15 coins by market cap as of 1-March-2023. Ferrum Network is bringing this amazing core technology to address the problems faced by every project in crypto with a combined potential market size to be addressed currently valued at $1.08 Trillion and growing. Ferrum Network will bring solutions pioneered by Polkadot relay and parachains, and provide native interoperability with L2, ETH2, and Ethereum-based chains as well as non-EVM compatible Layer 1 chains.

This means Ferrum Network will be able to provide value, data, and functional interoperability between the likes of Cardano, Polkadot, Algorand, Near, Cosmos, Aptos, Polygon, Solana, and any other chain conceived by crypto innovators in the future. In essence, serving as a decentralized hub of information and value interoperability across all chains in the industry.

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