Chain Maximalism

The concept or belief that one chain will rule them all. Also referred to as Bitcoin Maximalism, Ethereum Maximalism.

Ferrum Network believes in a multichain future and is joining Polkadot in their bet against blockchain maximalism.

– Taha Abbasi, Chief Strategy Officer at Ferrum Network

General Purpose Blockchains

General Purpose Blockchains are generally Turing Complete blockchains that are not solving an application-specific problem, but rather give a platform for builders to deploy their applications and solutions.

Purpose Built Blockchains or Appchains

These blockchains are typically built to solve a specific problem. Also known as application-specific blockchains (Appchains). Some examples are Algorand which is a blockchain dedicated to the financial settlement of assets. Cudos is a blockchain dedicated to solving the problem of decentralized cloud computing services. See General-Purpose Blockchains for contrast in approach between Purpose Built and General Purpose blockchains.

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