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Version 0.10.0 | 27-March-2023


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Whitepaper Contributor

Whitepaper Contributor

Stanly Johnson

Introducing the Ferrum Network – Interoperability by Design

Ferrum Network is bringing value, data, and functional interoperability to every chain in the industry. Utilizing the Ferrum Network, teams can now build and deploy solutions on one network and instantly enable multi-chain functionality without the burden or technical debt that comes with managing a multi-chain infrastructure for their dApps, and projects.

Ferrum intends to bring the power and benefits of Polkadot and its cousin Kusama to the rest of the world. Polkadot has proven the importance and demand of their core HETEROGENEOUS MULTI-CHAIN FRAMEWORK with incredible adoption and a fast-growing market cap that has surpassed $7.5 Billion and is in the Top 15 coins by market cap as of 1-March-2023. Ferrum Network is bringing this amazing core technology to address the problems faced by every project in crypto with a combined potential market size to be addressed currently valued at $1.08 Trillion and growing.

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