Ferrum Network - Whitepaper

Quantum Portal Smart Contracts (QPSC)

Quantum Portal Smart Contracts (QPSC) are Permissionless, decentralized client-side entry points designed to enable interaction with the Ferrum Network, and Quantum Portal nodes to conduct sophisticated multichain actions.
Quantum Portal Smart Contracts (QPSC) are designed to be generic by design. They are platform and chain agnostic. QPSC gives you the ability to conduct a remoteTransaction or check a remoteBalance.
Quantum Portal Mart Contracts (QPSC) and Quantum Portal Node Infrastructure, along with Ferrum Network nodes, adopt and implement the XCM format developed by Polkadot. Further, Quantum Portal and Ferrum Network are backing and adopting multichain standards for various dApps. This includes a multichain token standard, multichain staking standard, and more.
Learn more about these standards in the multichain standards section of the documentation.