Ferrum Network - Whitepaper
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Voting Eligibility and Process

In our DAO governance structure, your vote matters. To participate in voting on proposals, you must have cFRM staked in the cFRM BSC or cFRM Arbitrum staking pools.
We are utilizing a token-weighted strategy based on the staked balance of cFRM across cFRM staking pools. This means that the more cFRM you have staked, the higher your voting power.
We are employing a single-choice voting system. Each user can select only one option, and the results will reflect these votes as percentages of the total voting power of all voting participants cast on the specific choice. For more details on single-choice voting, please refer to the Snapshot documentation here.
If you have at least 1 cFRM staked in the BSC and Arbitrum cFRM staking pools at the time of the proposal creation, you will be eligible to vote.