MultiSwap and MultiChain Liquidity Pool Bridge

Learn about Ferrum Networks MultiSwap and Two-Way Liquidity Pool Bridge product overview and background.

Good to know: MultiSwap allows users to securely bridge any asset on network 1 for any asset on network 2 at transaction speed. MultiChain Liquidity Pool Bridge enables users to swap any asset on network 1 for the same native token on network 2.

Product Overview and Background

Ferrum takes a problem-driven approach to product development. We have utilized this approach in developing and deploying our Staking products and Incubator. Learning from those experiences, when it came time to allocate resources to the development of a next-generation multi-chain aggregator, we adopted the same due diligence process to assess the viability and need for another interoperability protocol in the market. We start with a series of β€œwhy” questions when evaluating product development.

  1. Why is a multi-chain aggregator needed?

  2. Why aren’t other multi-chain aggregators filling the demand and or issues outlined?

  3. Why would users care about another multi-chain aggregator?

  4. Why should we be the ones to build this multi-chain aggregator?

Answers to these questions are typically formed through a review of the technical architecture along with product deployment strategies of existing bridge providers. Our research found that indeed there is an unfulfilled need for a secure cross-chain swapping and secure bridging platform in the market. A multi-chain solution that conforms to the highest standards of security through technical architecture and business process security. We’ve committed ourselves to building the infrastructure needed to support such an interoperability protocol.

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