Iron Vest Features

Linear Release with a Cliff (Lock) Period

In addition to setting up linear release vesting, Vestors can choose to add a Cliff (Lock) Period. During this period no tokens are claimable.

Cliff (Lock) Period Token Vesting

Vestors can configure the Cliff (Lock) Period tokens to be released at once or set them up to be released over a period of time. For example, if the vesting requirement for the pool is as follows: 10% tokens released after 3 month cliff, remaining 90% tokens are vested through linear vesting over 9 months

In this case, the vestor could choose to release a large chunk of tokens (10%) at the end of the Cliff (Lock) period, or the vestor can choose to vest these locked tokens over a period of 30 days to mitigate sell pressure and a dump day at the end of the Cliff (Lock) period.

Team Token Administration

Set team token vesting with special administrative controls

With team tokens, the inability to stop vesting if a team member leaves the project before meeting their commitments is a serious problem. This causes projects to handle team token vesting manually or lose a significant chunk of the allocated tokens to individuals no longer contributing to the growth of the organization. With administrative controls for team token vesting, the authorized party can update the vesting period through a multi-sig process.

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