💰Setting up vesting pools

To set up vesting for your project, you will need to provide the address and allocation information per round of vesting. For example, if you have seed, angle, private a, and private b rounds, each of these rounds will need a corresponding pool in Iron Vest.

Pool set-up instructions

We need to create a pool per round of vesting. For each round, you will need to prepare a vesting detail sheet which will include a list of addresses and the number of tokens they should receive for that round/pool.

How to use the Sample Vesting Sheet?

  1. You need a Gmail or G Suite account to use this sheet properly, or you'll need to download it in excel. We highly recommend using Google Sheets to avoid compatibility issues.

  2. Open the link for the Sample Vesting Sheet.

  3. After opening the sheet, click "File", then click "Make A Copy"

  4. Rename the vesting sheet in this format: Company Name - Pool / Round Name e.g. Bitcoin - Seed Round

  5. Remove the existing data, and add the list of addresses for recipients in this round in column A and their corresponding allocation of tokens to be vested for this round in column B. Don't add any headers.

  6. Share the link back with us with comment-only permissions.

  7. Repeat this process for each round you would like to set up vesting for. A separate sheet is required for each round of vesting in your tokenomics.

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