📐Architecture Overview

Dynamic Open Staking - Multi-Token dApp has three core components enabling open staking and distributing multi-token rewards. Here are the components:

  1. Customizable Open Staking Platform

  2. Snapshot Tooling

  3. Claiming Portal with Admin and User Dashboards

Overview Video

Customizable Open Staking Platform

The journey starts here at the Open Staking Dashboard as this is the point of entry for users. Utilizing the Open Staking Dashboard, users can wrap and stake their tokens, access the claiming portal to claim rewards, and even unstake and unwrap tokens.

The Open Staking user dashboard is configured during deployment for a token to enable staking with or without fees.

Snapshot Tooling

Once user's have staked, the administrators can use the SnapHODL snapshot tooling by Ferrum Network to access the exact staked balance of each user at that given point in time. The snapshot is updated every 10 minutes.

This data can be used to determine each user's stake ratio and in-turn determine the ratio of total rewards they should receive for that given distribution.

Claiming Portal with Admin and User Dashboards

Once the administrators have the user stake ratio, they can choose to airdrop the rewards for the given tokens or distribute them through Claiming Portals powered by Ferrum Network. The claiming portals have an admin dashboard that gives administrators access to set up distribution pools, which appear on the user dashboard for claiming tokens.

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