šŸ‘‹Welcome to Ninja Mac Guide - Bitcoin Core and Ord Setup Tutorial

This tutorial is designed for Mac users, in collaboration with Pizza Ninja community and trevor.btc and many other collaborators.

Windows users, this tutorial is designed for Mac users. Windows user's should check out AlexaGawddess' tutorial here. Also linked below. Mac users, read on.

Important Note: Please read this page to the end to learn about some important udpates. To get started with your setup go to the Get Started section of this page at the end.

Choose your guide style

I highly advise you to use the Ninja Mac Guide (this one) or the Ninja Windows Guide by Alexa and not mix the directions in here with other guides.

This guide, the Ninja Mac Guide is designed for all users, beginner and advanced, includes detailed screenshots and a video guide. It will be supported by myself, and additional devs. This guide uses user interface (application view) to get you started, and then teaches you how to use terminal one step at a time.

We have a vibrant community and our amazing contributors have provided additional guides with cool benefits. Some guides are designed for advanced users who are familiar with terminal, command line tools, and tools such as oh my zsh, brew etc.

If you are interested in the advanced guide, youc an check out the guide provided by Brandon Marshal, mattonchain or others. When you use these guides, you will need to manage your own paths.

What is included in the guide

Technical Guide

  1. How to setup a bitcoin node (Run a Bitcoin Node in three easy core steps)

  2. Install required tools, Homebrew, Oh My Zsh, Visual Studio Code, Rust (Get the Pizza Ingredients)

  3. How to setup Ord Client on Mac (Setup Ord Client on Mac)

  4. How to setup Bitcoin Node and Ord on Signet (testnet)

  5. How to start inscribing runes on testnet

General Guide

  1. The story of Bitcoin, why Runes matter, why you need to run a node? (coming soon)

  2. UTXO management (coming soon)

  3. Identifying Runes to mine, etch etc (coming soon)


In this document we'll get you up to speed on how to run a Bitcoin Full node. The overview page provide quick links for reference information such as system requirements etc. You can follow the document in order by reading each page and then clicking next page at the end of current page.

šŸ’”Why do you need to run a node?āœØSystem requirements

Get Started

šŸ”Run a Bitcoin Node in three easy stepsšŸ› ļøInstall required tools, Homebrew, Oh My Zsh, Visual Studio, Rust,Transmissionāš™ļøSetup Ord Client on Macā‰ļøFAQs - Common Issues and ResolutionsšŸ—ƒļøResources and linksšŸ“£Donation and X shout out

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